touch Football Game Rules

Rules you need to know...

  - All players must wear a town issued Rivalry Series jersey
  - Jerseys can be picked up at Lunch Break on 11/15 from 5pm to 9pm
  - Players can wear sneakers. Cleats are also allowed on the turf field as well
  - White long sleeve under armor shirts under the jerseys are recommended
  - Town winter knit hats will be available for purchase at the event on game day
  - Players can register online at until Thanksgiving
  - Players can register on Black Friday, the morning-of in-person at Check In
  - Players who register after 11/1 will not receive a jersey with their name on the back
Gameday Arrival Time
    - Players must arrive 40 minutes prior to when their games are scheduled to begin
    - For example, kids playing at 9am should arrive no later than 8:20am
    - Check In and begin to warm up with your teammates upon arrival
    - National Anthem, Player Introduction & Rules Recap is 20 minutes before kickoff
Football Size
    - Women play with a Youth size football (not a men's size)
    - Kids play with a Youth size football (not a men's size)
    - Both Men's divisions play with a Men's size football
Field Size
    - 40 yard field from one end-zone to the other
    - The field will be split in half with each end-zone being an end-zone for one game
    - The 40 yardline to the 50 yardline on each side will be the other end-zone
    - Cones will be well displayed to mark these measurements

    - The field may be split into quarters, or more, if necessary
    - Each possession will begin on your own "10 yardline"
    - If you are coming out from the 40 yardline, you will begin on the 30 yardline
    - You can gain a 1st down every 10 yards.
    - If on 4th down you want to "punt" you can.  You don't actually punt the ball
    - If "punted" the other team will begin on their own 10 (or 30) yardline
    - On an interception, possession begins where the ball is returned to
    - Fumbles: the play is dead. No diving on the ground for lose balls

    - The Offense retains possession on all fumbles
    - There is no physical tackling
    - There are no flags. This is a two-hand touch tournament
    - Play will be stopped when the ball carrier is touched with two hands by opponent
     - Each touchdown is 6 points
     - There is no kicking extra points or field goals
     - All touchdowns are followed by a one-play, 2-point conversion from the 5 yardline
     - An interception on a 2-point conversion try can be returned for 2-points
     - All games are running clocks. There is no stoppage of play or timeouts.
     - There is no play clock, but referees  monitor intentional delay of game
     - With a full 8-team bracket, each game will be 30 minutes running clock
     - With a 4-team bracket, each game will be 45 minutes running clock
     - If tied after regulation, teams will trade overtime possessions to determine a winner
     - Similar to the college football format each team will have an opportunity to score
     - A coin-toss will determine possessions and field direction in overtime
     - Each overtime possession will begin on the opponents 10 yardline
     - This will increase the likelyhood of scoring & prevent a long overtime
     - Teams will trade possessions until a winner is determined
     - All penalties are 5-yard penalties
     - Aggressive plays will be tightly monitored & not tolerated
     - Players called for unnecessary roughness will be ejected from the tournament
    - 8 Players on the field at once
    - Offense must have 3 lineman at all times that stay in to block
    - Offense must always have a minimum of 1 tight end every play
    - The tight end must line up next to the offensive linemen (cannot split out)
    - The tight end can stay in to block or release for a pass route
    - The quarterback always begins in 'shotgun' formation with the ball over head
    - There are no physical snaps to begin a play
    - The quarterback must hold the ball over their head with two hands to call "hike"
    - There must always be at least 1 running back in the backfield on the side of the QB
    - The running back can stay in to block or release for a pass route
    - Offensive linemen are not eligible to catch passes or take handoffs
    - The quarterback can only scramble (run) before 3 Mississippi once per possession
    - The defense cannot blitz. They must wait for the 3 Mississippi count from referee
    - If the quarterback runs down field after 3 Mississippi that is not their scramble
    - The defensive line must match up directly over the offensive linemen
    - The defensive line cannot drop back into coverage
    - The defense can only rush the quarterback after "3 Mississippi" is counted by the refs
    - The defense must have a minimum of 4 down lineman every play
    - The 4 down lineman must be on the line in front of the offensive line & tight end

    - Defensive players can cross the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is handed off


    - No coaches can be on the field of play at anytime during games or between plays

    - All coaches must remain on the sidelines at all times

    - Penalties will be assessed to any coach violating these rules